Victims of Human Trafficking ("T")

The Form I-914 serves as a self-petition application. The purpose of the Form I-914 is to provide temporary immigration benefits to aliens who are victims of severe forms of trafficking in persons, and their immediate family members, as appropriate. Victims of severe forms of trafficking may apply for a T visa by submitting a complete application package to the Vermont Service Centre at USINS.

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Uscis Launches Online Service To Check Status Of Foia Requests
U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services (Uscis) Recently Launched The Online Foia Request Status Check Service Providing Customers A Quick And Secure Way To Check The Status Of Requests They Have Made Under The Freedom Of Information Act (Foia).

Us Opens Four New Immigration Facilities In Florida
The Us Citizenship And Immigration Services Is Opening Four New Immigration Facilities In South Florida To Replace The One That It Currently Operates....

U.S. Department Of Labor Announces Grant Exceeding $758,000 To Assist Trade-Affected Workers In Massachusetts
The U.S. Department Of Labor Today Announced A $758,714 Grant To Assist Approximately 170 Workers Affected By Ongoing Layoffs At The Alcatel-Lucent Plant In North Andover, Mass.

Premium Processing Service Suspended For R1 Applications
U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services (Uscis) Has Temporarily Suspended Premium Processing Service For I129 Petitions Seeking R1 Nonimmigrant Visa Classification Filed With The Uscis.

Uscis Releases Updated Employer Information Bulletin
The Office Of Business Liaison Under The Uscis Has Released An Updated Employer Information Bulletin On The Services Of Its Office. The Primary Function Of Office Of Business Liaison Is To Educate The United States Business/Employer Community On Employmentrelated Immigration Matters.

I-797E Late
I Was Hoping That Someone On This Site Could Help Me With A Question. I Submitted The I 751 Paperwork For My Wife A While Back And A Few Weeks Ago We Recieved The I 797 E Request For More Evidence. The Date On The I797 E Action Letter Said The Paperwork Needed To Be Submitted By December 16....

Final Rule On Consular Interviews For Niv Applicants
Effective December 18, 2006, The Rule Amends Guidance To Consular Offices For The Waiver Of Personal Appearance Of Applicants For Nonimmigrant Visas. The Regulations Continue To Permit Exemptions From The Interview Requirements Of Persons In A1, A2, C2, C3, G1, G2, G3 G4, Nato 1, Nato2, Nato3, Nato4, Nato5, Or Nato 6 Classifications, And Applicants For Diplomatic Or Officials Visas.

Know The Difference Between &Cedil;Visa&Cedil; And &Cedil;Status&Cedil;
It Has Become Vitally Important For All Foreign Nationals Coming To The U.S. To Maintain Their Status At All Times. In Order To Maintain Legal Status While In The U.S., You Must Understand The Difference Between The Two Legal Terms - `Visa' And `Status'.

Tn (Trade Nafta) For Mexicans: A Visa Option For Our Friends From South Of The Border
The Tn (Trade Nafta) Was Created In 1994 By The North American Free Trade Agreement, A Multi-Country Trade Agreement Between The Us, Canada And Mexico. It Provides A Feasible Alternative To The H-1B Visa For The Citizens Of Mexico. While The Tn Visa Is Available To Both Mexican And Canadian Citizens In This Article We Will Be Looking At It Only From The Standpoint Of The Mexican Citizen. Because Mexican Citizens, Unlike Canadians, Are Required To Have A Visa Before Applying For Admission To The Us, The Tn Application Procedure For Mexican Citizens Is More Complex Than For Canadians. Even Though The Process Is More Complex In January 2004 It Was Significantly Simplified. Under The Current Procedure A Mexican Citizen Must First Obtain A Tn Visa At A Us Consulate (Generally In Mexico). Once The Tn Visa Stamp Is Obtained In The Mexican Citizen's Passport, They May Enter The Us In Tn Status In A Similar Manner To A Canadian Citizen.

Obtaining A Social Security Number
A Social Security Number (Ssn) Issued By Social Security Administration, Is A Number Issued To Citizens, Permanent Residents, Temporary (Working) Residents And Foreign Citizens In The United States. It Is Generally Needed For Employment Purposes.

Sevis Fee Payment Now Possible In Your Local Currency
Paying The Student And Exchange Visitor Information System (Sevis) Fee In Local Currency Is Now Possible, Thanks To A New Program Announced This Month By U.S. Immigration And Customs Enforcement (Ice) And Western Union.

Temporary Protected Status For Nationals Of Somalia Extended
The Dhs Announced Last Week A 12Month Extension Of Temporary Protected Status (Tps) For Nationals Of Somalia Until September 17, 2005. Under This Extension, Those Who Have Already Been Granted Tps Are Eligible To Live And Work In The United States For An Additional Year And Continue To Maintain Their Status. According To A Dhs Press Release, Approximately 324 Nationals Of Somalia Are Eligible For Reregistration.

Ice Arrests 42 Illegal Aliens Working At Dulles International Airport
U.S. Immigration And Customs Enforcement (Ice) Arrested 42 Men Illegally Present In The Country At Dulles International Airport As Part Of A Critical Infrastructure Protection (Cip) Operation. Ice Agents, With Support Of Airport Security Agencies, Arrested The Illegal Aliens Just Inside The Airport Grounds At A Checkpoint Established To Verify The Identity And Immigration Status Of Workers Entering A Service Gate.

Travelogue: Immigration Workshop In Bangalore
This Month's In Focus Section Will Journey You Through Yet Another Exciting Day In Our Attorney's Travelogue: Bangalore, Our First Immigration Workshop In The Immigration Events Series Last Year.

Australian And New Zealand Greek Youths To Compete In Adelaide's Pan- Hellenic Games In 2007
Australian Immigration News Australian And New Zealand Greek Youths To Compete In Adelaide's Pan- Hellenic Games In 2007 The Goals Of The Event Are To Promote The Eternal Ideas Of The Olympic Spirit And To Strengthen The Ties Amongst The Greek Community. The Games Will Include Events In Track And Field, Swimming, Weightlifting, Taekwondo, Tennis, Gymnastics, And [...]

Philippines Now The Largest Source Country For Canadian Immigrants

China Has Been The Top Source Country Of Immigrants For Years, But Now The Philippines Has Taken Over The Top Spot For Immigrants And Temporary Workers (Combined).&Nbsp; 19,064 Permanent Residents And 15,254 Temporary Workers From The Philippines Arrived In Canada In 2007.&Nbsp; Aside From Americans, More Filipinos Arrived In Canada As Temporary Foreign Workers Than Any Other Nationality.

Into Almost The Last Leg Of My Travel Workshop In Chennai
This Month's In Focus Section Will Journey You Through Yet Another Exciting Day In Our Attorney's Travelogue: Chennai, Our Second Immigration Workshop In The Immigration Events Series Last Year.

Asylum Officers&Cedil; Libido And Lust Leads Him To Conviction
The Justice Department Today Announced That A Federal Jury In Los Angeles Convicted Thomas A. Powell Jr., An Immigration And Naturalization Service Asylum Officer, On Corruption And Civil Rights Charges. Powell Was Convicted Of Using His Power As An Asylum Officer To Victimize Two Chinese Women In 2000.

A B-2 Filing For I-130/Aos
Hi! I Have Gone Through So Many Websites, With So Many Different Answers To My Question. Is It Legal To Apply For An I-130/I-485 If You Are In The Us On A B-2/B-1 And Married To A Usc, With No Fraudulent Intent? If So, Do I Just File And Let Fate Take Its Course At The Interview? Is There Anybody...

Uscis Announces Reduction In Backlog For Immigration Benefits Processing
By Completing More Than 600,000 More Cases Than Were Received In The First Three Quarters Of Fiscal Year 2004, Uscis Announced That The Backlog Has Declined For The Processing Of Immigration Benefits Such As Work Authorization, Permanent Residency, And Naturalization.