Student F.A.Qs - Planning your H1B Career

Changing Status

Normally students who come to US will be on F-1 or J-1 visa. The ambition of most of them would be to get it converted to H-1B visa and subsequently to a green card. International students planning to stay back must remember a few things which will enable such transition smoothly. The basic rule is, never violate your status. It can prove to be a disaster if you do not land in a job as soon as you graduate, and if you have already used up your practical training period. You will either have to go back or violate your status.
The H-l B status is an employment-based status. As such, this status immediately ends on upon termination of employment. Although the Form I-797 (USCIS approval notice) may indicate a date well into the future, it will become invalid upon termination. If the prospective employee is currently in the United States, maintaining a legal nonimmigrant status (such as F-1 student, B-1/B-2 visitor) he/she may change status to H-1B.
In order for someone to change their status from one category to another, or to extend a category, the person must show that they have maintained their status.
In the case of an H-1B, that means showing that they have been working right up until the point the change of status petition is filed. If you are not able to show that you were working, the petition will probably be denied. That would leave you with a trip abroad as the only legal possibility to change status to an F-1. Remember! Getting an F-1 is not easy and it requires that you show that you have sufficient funds to pay tuition expenses and living expenses without working. As for your employer, it would be highly risky if he brings H-1Bs to the U.S. without being assured of having an assignment for them. Your employer is liable to pay you your wages regardless of whether you are working or not.


H-1 petitions for foreign national workers, filed by academic institutions, will continue to be exempt from the annual numerical limit, or "cap," on the number of H-1 petitions that may be approved. The number of new H-1B visas available is limited to 65,000 now. You can get H-1B sponsorship from two kinds of employers:

H-1 For Recent Graduates

Beginning on March 8, 2005, an additional 20,000 non-academic H visas for graduates of US Ph.D. and Masters programs, will become available. This may help international student graduates of MIT who are going to work in industry.

H1 Visa Validity

You can be on an H-1B for six years, and it takes the entire green card process about approximately three years. You can always change employers while on H1B.H1 Visa is initially granted for 3 years and can be extended year to year or for 3 more years. Certain aliens working on Defense Department projects may remain in H1B status for 10 years.
H1 visa holder can buy house or any other real estate property in USA. H1 visa holder can also work invest money in stocks, mutual funds, bonds etc. H1 visa holder can not work as self-employed or freelancer and do contract type of work in free time.

New Regulations

On December 8, 2004, the President signed the Omnibus Appropriations Act. This new law contains provisions that will affect H-1B Temporary Worker visa processing. A significant new fee and other provisions will take effect March 8, 2005.

New Additional Fee

The New Act requires employers to pay the Department of Homeland Security a new "anti-fraud" fee of $500 per H-1 petition. The fee will apply to all H petitions for new employment filed on or after March 8, 2005. Petitions for extension with the same employer and/or amendment will be exempt from the fee. The anti-fraud fee must be paid in addition to the regular filing fee ($185 per application) and, in some cases, in addition to the elective "premium processing" fee for expedited processing ($1000 per application). Colleges and universities will not be exempt from this fee. The Act indicates that the fee is to be imposed "on the employer." This means that the fee cannot be "passed on" to the international scholar, as it is an employer business expense. Research funds cannot be used for this purpose.

Changing jobs

If you are hold H1 visa and moving to another employer, the new employer must file (and Immigration must receive) the new petition BEFORE the date of termination. If there are changes in the terms of employment (including promotions, changes in duties, or change of departments), you must first consult with OISS to determine whether an amended or new petition must be filed. If an amended petition is required, it will be necessary to initiate a new H-1B application.

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Ice Arrests 42 Illegal Aliens Working At Dulles International Airport
U.S. Immigration And Customs Enforcement (Ice) Arrested 42 Men Illegally Present In The Country At Dulles International Airport As Part Of A Critical Infrastructure Protection (Cip) Operation. Ice Agents, With Support Of Airport Security Agencies, Arrested The Illegal Aliens Just Inside The Airport Grounds At A Checkpoint Established To Verify The Identity And Immigration Status Of Workers Entering A Service Gate.

Uscis Announces Public Meeting On Regional Centers And Eb5 Investor Program
Uscis Has Announced A Public Informational Meeting On The Immigration Investor Pilot Program And Regional Centers On September 17, 2004. Persons Interested In Attending The Meeting Have Been Requested To Email Their Rsvp To Confirm Their Attendance By No Later Than August 30, 2004.

Preliminary Numbers Of H1b Cap Filings For Fy 2009 Released
The U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services (Uscis) Today Announced A Preliminary Number Of Nearly 163,000 H1b Petitions Received During The Filing Period Ending On April 7, 2008. It Is Notable That More Than 31,200 Of Those Petitions Were For The Advanced Degree Category.

Re-Entry Permits Now To Require Biometrics

All Lawful Permanent Residents Of Us Age Through 14 To 79 Applying For Re-Entry Permit And Individuals Applying For Refugee Travel Document Will Now Be Required To Provide Biometrics I.E. Finger Prints And Photographs At A UscisApplicationSupportCenter (&Ldquo;Asc&Rdquo;) For Background And Security Checks.

Why Biometric?&Nbsp;

Uscis Has Stated That Biometrics Is Not Only Vital To The Security Of The Immigration Process, It Also In Compliance With Congressional Mandates For Issuance Of Secure Documents. According Uscis, The Biometric Information Will Be A Big Deterrent To Frauds.&Nbsp;

What Is A Re-Entry Permit?

A Re-Entry Permit Allows A Permanent Resident To Re-Enter The United States Without Having To Obtain A Returning Resident Visa. Re-Entry Permits Are Generally Applied For When The Resident Plans To Stay Outside Of The United States For Six Months Or More. For Refugees, A Refugee Travel Document Is Issued Instead And They Must Have This Document In Order To Re-Enter The United States After Any Travel Abroad.

How Does It Work?

As Per The New Instruction, Once The Uscis Receives The Form I-131 Filed By Any Resident, The Agency Will Mail The Asc Appointment Notice Along With The Receipt. To Speed Up The Process, Applicants Are Allowed So Enclose Pre-Paid Express Mailers With The Form I-131. By Sending Two Such Mailers, Applicants Can Ensure That Both The Biometrics Appointment Schedule As Well As The Approved Re-Entry Permit Or Refugee Travel Document Will Reach Faster Then Traditional Mail. In This Case, The Applicant Is Required To Mention The Reason For Needing The Expedited Service.&Nbsp;

This Revised Instruction For The Form I-131, Application For Travel Document Came Into Effective On March 5, 2008. The Changes Will Likely To Cause Delay For Those Individuals Who Had Plans To Travel Abroad In The Recent Future As Applicants Will Be Scheduled For A Biometric Appointment Only After They Submit Form I-131.

Uscis Clarifies Everify Requirement For Stem Opt Extension For F1 Students
U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services (Uscis) Has Announced That F1 Students Who Are Applying For A 17Month Extension Of Optional Practical Training (Opt) On The Basis Of A Degree In A Science, Technology, Engineering Or Mathematics (Stem) Field Must Have A Job Or Job Offer From An Employer That Is Enrolled And In Good Standing In The Everify Employment Eligibility Verification Program At The Site Where The Student Will Be Employed. If The Stem Graduate Is Employed By More Than One Employer, All Of The Graduate's Employers Must Comply With The Everify Requirement.

Uscis To Welcome More Than 28000 Citizens
More Than 28,000 Men, Women And Children From Throughout The United States Will Raise Their Right Hands And Become America's Newest Citizens During Special Citizenship Day Ceremonies.

A Rendezvous With India: Immigration Seminar In Pune
Bringing To You The Second Article From Our Attorney's Diary On Our Recent Seminars And Workshops In Various Cities In India. This Article Contains Exciting Anecdotes From His Travel Experiences And Stay In Pune.

Dhs Announces Redesignation Of Liberia Tps
The Department Of Homeland Security (Dhs) Has Announced The Redesignation Of Temporary Protected Status For Nationals Of Liberia Until October 1, 2005. Under This Redesignation, Nationals Of Liberia (Or Aliens Having No Nationality Who Last Habitually Resided In Liberia) May Be Eligible To Live And Work In The United States For An Additional Year.

Dol Notifies Interim Final Rule On H1b1 Labor Condition Applications
The U.S. Department Of Labor Has Issued An Interim Rule With Request For Comments Regarding The New H1b1 Visa Category Applicable To Nationals Of Chile And Singapore. The Employers Seeking To Temporarily Employ Foreign Professionals In Specialty Occupations Through H1b1 Visas Must File A Labor Attestation With The Department Of Labor.

Need Information For G4
Hi There, I Have Few Questions Regarding G4 Visa. 1) What Documents Are Required? 2) What Is Eligibility? 3) Is There Any Chances To File Green Card On G4 Visa? 4) What Are The Other Benefits Other Than No Tax? 5) What Is Processing Time? 6) Can I Sponsor My Parents ?

Highlights Of Interim Final Rule On Opt Extension
Interim Final Rule On Opt Extension

Dol Releases Final Rule On E-3 Visa Lca Requirements
Dol Releases Final Rule On E-3 Visa Lca Requirements

Eoir Announces New Photo Standard
The Format Requirement For Photographs Filed With The Immigration Court In Conjunction With Forms Eoir40, Eoir42b, I485, And I881will Change Effective Monday, October 4, 2004.

New Section Added To Immigration To Australia Website - Specifically For Greek Immigration To Australia
Australian Immigration News New Section Added To Immigration To Australia Website - Specifically For Greek Immigration To Australia Immigration 2 Australia Has Been Launched As An Essential Guide To Help The Increasing Number Of People Thinking Of Australian Immigration. The Web Site Provides Information On Australian Visas, Information On Finding Australian Jobs, Somewhere To Live And The [...]

Bush Okays Biometric Passport Deadline Extension
The United States Has Extended The Deadline By An Year For Visafree Countries To Start Issuing Passports With Biometric Indicators, Carrying Digitally Encoded Records Of The Bearer, Which Can Be Scanned By A Computer. According To The Programme, Citizens From 27 Countries Can Travel To The United States Without Visas, But Must Carry A Passport With Biometric Indicators. The Extension Of The Deadline Will Give These Countries Time Until October 26, 2005 To Issue New Passports.

10 Tips To Succeed In The Uscis Marriage Interview
Many People Become Extremely Overwrought When It Comes To Facing An Interview With The Us Citizenship And Immigration Services (Uscis) For Their Marriage-Based Green Card, So Was The Case With Jennie And Robbie. The "Marriage Interview," Which Both Of The Partners Are Required To Attend As Part Of The Green Card Application, Should Not Be Presumed As A Simple Process; It Has The Possibility Of Being A Very Grueling And Painful Event. You Can Take The Stress And Anxiety Out Of The Situation Through Thorough Preparation. It Is For This Reason That This Article Has Been Designed To Make Your Voyage Of Obtaining A Marriage Based Green Card Either For Yourself Or For Your Spouse, An Easy And Pleasant Experience. The 10 Simple Yet Amazing Tips Revealed In This Article Helps You To Be Successful At Your Marriage Based Immigrant Visa Interview.

Uscis Carries Out Random Selection Process For H1b Petitions
The U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services (Uscis) Today Conducted The Computergenerated Random Selection Processes On H1b Petitions, To Select Which H1b Petitions For Fiscal Year 2009 (Fy 2009) Would Continue To Full Adjudication. If Approved These H1b Petitions Will Be Eligible To Receive An H1b Visa Number.

Eoir Fact Sheet On Bia Streamlining
On August 23, 2002, The Attorney General Issued A Final Rule That Restructured The Board Of Immigration Appeals (Bia Or Board Revising The Organization And Procedures Of The Board.

Naturalization Case Processing Time Updated By Uscis
The U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services (Uscis) Announced Today That It Will Finish More Than One Million Naturalization Cases During Fiscal Year 2008 - Far Exceeding The Number Of Cases Completed Last Year. This Update Comes Following A Thorough Analysis Of The Work Completed During The Last Six Months.

New Passport Card Production
The U.S. Department Of State (Dos) Has Begun Production Of The New U.S. Passport Card, A Convenient, Wallet-Sized Document To Be Used For Re-Entry Into The U.S. At Land Border Crossings And Sea Ports Of Entry When Arriving From Mexico, Canada, The Caribbean And Bermuda. As Part Of The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (Whti), Travelers Will Be Required To Present A Single Document Denoting Both Citizenship And Identity When Entering The United States Through Land Or Sea Borders. This Requirement Will Go Into Effect June 1, 2009. However The U.S. Passport Card Cannot Be Used For International Air Travel.