M-2 dependent visa

There is no requirement for a spouse or children of an M-1 visa holder to apply for an F 1 visa if they wish to study in US. They may study on M-2 Visa. If they are qualified they can apply for F-1 visa. The holder of an M-2 visa may not work. If s/he is seeking employment, the required work visa is needed.

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Dhs Proposes To Establish Biometric Exit Procedures At All U.S Air And Sea Ports Of Departure
The U.S. Department Of Homeland Security (Dhs) Announced Today A Notice Of Proposed Rulemaking That Will Establish Biometric Exit Procedures At All U.S Air And Sea Ports Of Departure. The Majority Of Nonu.S. Citizens Are Already Required To Submit Digital Fingerprints And A Digital Photograph For Admission Into The Country. The Usvisit Exit Proposal Would Require Nonu.S. Citizens Who Provide Biometric Identifiers For Admission To Also Provide Digital Fingerprints When Departing The Country From Any Air Or Sea Ports Of Departure.

H1b Random Selection Completed On April 14
H1b Random Selection Completed On April 14

Need Information About G4 Visa
Hi All, I Need Information About G4 Visa. Which Documents Are Required For Apply G4 Visa? What Is Ability For Applying For G4 Visa? When Can One Apply G4 Visa? How Much Time It Will Take To Process G4 Visa? Thanks In Advance

The 3 To 10 Year Illegal Immigration Penalty
Hi, I Have A Question About This Rule. I Have A Friend Who Immigrated Here From South America When He Was About 13. He Came Here Legally, Im Not Sure With What Type Of Visa Though. It Expired And I Guess He Was Then Here Illegally For About 4 Years. After That He Someone Got Everything In Order...

10 Tips To Succeed In The Uscis Marriage Interview
Many People Become Extremely Overwrought When It Comes To Facing An Interview With The Us Citizenship And Immigration Services (Uscis) For Their Marriage-Based Green Card, So Was The Case With Jennie And Robbie. The "Marriage Interview," Which Both Of The Partners Are Required To Attend As Part Of The Green Card Application, Should Not Be Presumed As A Simple Process; It Has The Possibility Of Being A Very Grueling And Painful Event. You Can Take The Stress And Anxiety Out Of The Situation Through Thorough Preparation. It Is For This Reason That This Article Has Been Designed To Make Your Voyage Of Obtaining A Marriage Based Green Card Either For Yourself Or For Your Spouse, An Easy And Pleasant Experience. The 10 Simple Yet Amazing Tips Revealed In This Article Helps You To Be Successful At Your Marriage Based Immigrant Visa Interview.

Advance Parole: A Condition Prerequisite For Travel Abroad
The U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Service (Uscis) Has Made It Mandatory For Applicants Undergoing Adjustment Of Status To Obtain Advance Parole Before Traveling Abroad.

Immigration Court Practice Manual Is Effective July 1
The Executive Office For Immigration Review (Eoir) Reminds Parties Appearing In Immigration Court That Beginning On July 1, 2008, The Immigration Court Practice Manual Will Be Effective Nationwide, And The Local Operating Procedures For Immigration Courts Will No Longer Be Used. The Practice Manual Is Available On Eoir's Website At Http://Www.Usdoj.Gov/Eoir/.

Raj Becomes A Successful Consultant In The Usa
Raj Is A Database Architect Whose Services Are In Great Demand. Raj Is Currently Employed By A Small Consulting Firm In The United States Where He Works Under A Work Visa On Projects That Client Companies All Over The Us Outsource To His Employer. Raj's Work Is So Well Respected By The Project Managers At Client Companies That Many Of Them Specifically Ask That The Consulting Firm Assign Raj To Work On Their Projects.

Uscis Proposes Changes To Improve The H-2B Temporary Non-Agricultural Worker Program
U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services (Uscis) Announced On August 15, 2008 A Series Of Proposed Rule Changes That Will Streamline Procedures For Hiring Workers Under The H-2B Program. These Changes Are Being Proposed In Further Fulfillment Of The Commitment Made By The Administration Last August, After The Failure Of Congress To Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform, To Review And Improve Visa Programs For Temporary Workers On H-2B Using Existing Authorities. The Proposed Rule, Which Has Been Sent To The Federal Register, Supplements The Extensive Reforms Of The H-2B Program Already Proposed By The Department Of Labor In Its Proposed Rule Published On May 22.

Final Rule On Consular Interviews For Niv Applicants
Effective December 18, 2006, The Rule Amends Guidance To Consular Offices For The Waiver Of Personal Appearance Of Applicants For Nonimmigrant Visas. The Regulations Continue To Permit Exemptions From The Interview Requirements Of Persons In A1, A2, C2, C3, G1, G2, G3 G4, Nato 1, Nato2, Nato3, Nato4, Nato5, Or Nato 6 Classifications, And Applicants For Diplomatic Or Officials Visas.

Biometrics Appointment Letter Consolidated Into One Notice For Aos Applicants
The U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services (Uscis) Has Announced That Effective Today It Will Begin Consolidating Biometrics Collection When Employmentbased Adjustment Of Status Applications And Employment Authorization Requests Are Filed At The Same Time At One Of The Service Centers.

Eoir Declares Bia Pro Bono Project As Successful
An Executive Office For Immigration Review (Eoir) Evaluation Of The Board Of Immigration Appeals (Bia) Pro Bono Project Indicates That The Project Has Been Successful In Increasing The Level And Quality Of "Pro Bono" (Free Of Charge) Representation For "Respondents" (Persons In Immigration Removal Proceedings) Who Appeal Their Cases To The Bia.

Dhs To Begin Biometric Exit Pilot As Part Of Usvisit Program
As A Part Of The Border Management System Introduced At Airports And Seaports Earlier This Year, The U.S. Department Of Homeland Security (Dhs) Today Announced That It Will Pilot And Evaluate Usvisit Automated Biometric Exit Procedures For Foreign Visitors. Biometric Technology - Digital Finger Scans And Digital Photographs - Helps Make Usvisit Simple And Effective.

Dhs Rectifies Omission Of Jacksonville From Usvisit
Dhs Has Amended The List Of Ports That Was Published On August 20, 2004 To Include The Jacksonville Sea Port. On August 20, 2004, The Department Of Homeland Security (Dhs) Published A Notice In The Federal Register Adding Certain Ports To, And Deleting Certain Ports From, Inclusion In The Usvisit Program. In This Notice, The Jacksonville Sea Port In Jacksonville, Florida Was Inadvertently Deleted.

Uscis To Terminate Fingerprint Contract With Dleas
On October 1, 2004, Uscis Will Terminate Its Contract With Designated Law Enforcement Agencies (Dleas), Where Some Immigrants In Rural Locations Have Gone For Fingerprint Services. The Dlea Contract Is Ending As Uscis Strives To Meet New Biometric Standards, Including The Ability To Take And Store Electronic Fingerprints, Photographs And Signatures.

New Version Of Form I102 Released
The Uscis Has Released The New Version Of Form I102, Application For Replacement/Initial Nonimmigrant Arrivaldeparture Document. This Form Is Used By A Nonimmigrant To Apply For A New Or Replacement Form I94 Or I95 Nonimmigrant Arrivaldeparture Document.

New Requirements For Ssn For Students
F1 Students Applying For Social Security Number Will Be Required To Provide Evidence That He Or She Has Been Authorized By The School To Work And Has Secured Employment Or A Promise Of Employment.

New Blood For Australian Migration Review Tribunal
The Australian Minister For Immigration And Citizenship, Senator Chris Evans, Has Announced The Appointment Of Five Senior Members To The Migration Review Tribunal (Mrt)...

Two Categories Of Special Immigrant Religious Workers To Expire On October 1
It's Like A Reminder From The Uscis For All Its Customers That Authorization For The Non-Minister Special Immigrant Religious Worker Program Will Expire On Oct. 1, 2008. The Uscis Even Said That The Individuals Applying To Serve In The Two Non-Minister Categories Of The Program Must Either Adjust Their Status To Permanent Residence Or Apply For, And Be Admitted With, An Immigrant Visa Before Oct. 1, 2008. The Two Expiring Categories Are Special Immigrant Religious Workers In Professional Or Non-Professional Capacities Within A Religious Vocation Or Occupation. The Expiration Date Also Applies To The Accompanying Spouses And Children Of These Workers. Special Immigrant Religious Workers Entering The United States Solely To Carry On The Vocation Of A Minister Of A Religious Denomination Are Not Impacted By The Expiration Date.

Supplemental Proposed Rule With Employer Guidance Regarding Nomatch Letters
The U.S. Department Of Homeland Security (Dhs) Released Today A Supplemental Proposed Rulemaking For The Nomatch Rule Previously Issued On August 15, 2007. This Rulemaking Addresses Three Issues Cited In A Decision Of The U.S. District Court For The Northern District Of California Enjoining The August 2007 Nomatch Rule. This Supplemental Proposed Rulemaking Provides A More Detailed Analysis Of How Dhs Developed The Nomatch Policy And Will Help Responsible Employers Ensure That They Are Not Employing Unauthorized Workers.