J-1 Visa

This program is actually an "exchange program" and not necessarily a student-based program. However, by far, students seeking their medical degrees in the United States are the most frequent users of J-1 visa. It is preferred over the F-1 by some students since the spouse of the J-1 is allowed to work in the United States.

The basic requirements for grant of J-1 visa are:

  • Sufficient funds to cover all expenses or a sponsoring organization that will provide full support;
  • The required education for the particular program;
  • A good understanding of the English language, or a program for non-English speakers;

Additional requirements for Medial Education Participants:

  • Must have passed the FMGEMS;
  • Must have demonstrated competency in English;
  • Subject to limits on duration of program; and
  • Subject to two year foreign residence requirement.
  • Exception to two year foreign residence requirement for physicians coming to the U.S. for observation, research, teaching and consultation where there is minimal or no patient care.

Application Requirements for J-1 Visa:

  • Form OF-156, completed and signed;
  • A passport with a validity of at least six months from the end of the intended stay;
  • One photograph 1.5 inches square;
  • Completed IAP-66;
  • Demonstrable ties to a residence in a foreign country; and
  • Promise/statement that they are coming to the United States for a temporary period.

Employment on J-1 status

You may accept employment if your program involves paid employment like on-the-job training, teaching, research or other such activities. Employment options are dictated by the nature of your particular program.

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Cbp In San Diego Reminds Border Crossers To Anticipate More Traffic At Area Ports When School Year Begins
The Cbp Officials Reminds The Members Of The Traveling Public To Expect To See More Cars And Pedestrians At Area Border Crossings In The Coming Days As The Summer Break For Thousands Of Area Students Comes To An End. Large Numbers Of Students Who Attend Classes At Various Private And Public Schools And Colleges In San Diego Commute From Mexico To The U.S. On A Daily Basis. This Increase In Traffic, Especially During The Traditionally Busy Morning Commute, Can Result In Longer Than Normal Crossing Times. Being Prepared For The Inspection Process By Having Documents Ready For The Cbp Officer, Declaring All Items Acquired In Mexico, And Ending Cell Phone Conversations Before Arriving At The Inspection Station Can Also Reduce Wait Times.

Re-Entry Permits Now To Require Biometrics

All Lawful Permanent Residents Of Us Age Through 14 To 79 Applying For Re-Entry Permit And Individuals Applying For Refugee Travel Document Will Now Be Required To Provide Biometrics I.E. Finger Prints And Photographs At A UscisApplicationSupportCenter (&Ldquo;Asc&Rdquo;) For Background And Security Checks.

Why Biometric?&Nbsp;

Uscis Has Stated That Biometrics Is Not Only Vital To The Security Of The Immigration Process, It Also In Compliance With Congressional Mandates For Issuance Of Secure Documents. According Uscis, The Biometric Information Will Be A Big Deterrent To Frauds.&Nbsp;

What Is A Re-Entry Permit?

A Re-Entry Permit Allows A Permanent Resident To Re-Enter The United States Without Having To Obtain A Returning Resident Visa. Re-Entry Permits Are Generally Applied For When The Resident Plans To Stay Outside Of The United States For Six Months Or More. For Refugees, A Refugee Travel Document Is Issued Instead And They Must Have This Document In Order To Re-Enter The United States After Any Travel Abroad.

How Does It Work?

As Per The New Instruction, Once The Uscis Receives The Form I-131 Filed By Any Resident, The Agency Will Mail The Asc Appointment Notice Along With The Receipt. To Speed Up The Process, Applicants Are Allowed So Enclose Pre-Paid Express Mailers With The Form I-131. By Sending Two Such Mailers, Applicants Can Ensure That Both The Biometrics Appointment Schedule As Well As The Approved Re-Entry Permit Or Refugee Travel Document Will Reach Faster Then Traditional Mail. In This Case, The Applicant Is Required To Mention The Reason For Needing The Expedited Service.&Nbsp;

This Revised Instruction For The Form I-131, Application For Travel Document Came Into Effective On March 5, 2008. The Changes Will Likely To Cause Delay For Those Individuals Who Had Plans To Travel Abroad In The Recent Future As Applicants Will Be Scheduled For A Biometric Appointment Only After They Submit Form I-131.

Uscis Announces Fy 2005 H2b Processing
U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services (Uscis) Has Announced That It Has Received H2b Petitions For 33,153 Beneficiaries Counting Against The Statutory Visa Cap For Fiscal Year 2005 (October 1, 2004 Through September 30, 2005). The Fiscal Year 2005 Statutory Visa Cap Is 66,000.

Uscis Tips To Avoid Common Efiling Mistakes
The Uscis Issued Information On How To Avoid Common Efiling Mistakes.

President Authorizes 70,000 Refugee Admissions During Fy 2005
The Admission Of Up To 70,000 Refugees To The United States During Fy 2005 Is Justified By Humanitarian Concerns Or Is Otherwise In The National Interest, Says The Presidential Determination.

Immigration Court Practice Manual Is Effective July 1
The Executive Office For Immigration Review (Eoir) Reminds Parties Appearing In Immigration Court That Beginning On July 1, 2008, The Immigration Court Practice Manual Will Be Effective Nationwide, And The Local Operating Procedures For Immigration Courts Will No Longer Be Used. The Practice Manual Is Available On Eoir's Website At Http://Www.Usdoj.Gov/Eoir/.

Dhs Announces Redesignation Of Liberia Tps
The Department Of Homeland Security (Dhs) Has Announced The Redesignation Of Temporary Protected Status For Nationals Of Liberia Until October 1, 2005. Under This Redesignation, Nationals Of Liberia (Or Aliens Having No Nationality Who Last Habitually Resided In Liberia) May Be Eligible To Live And Work In The United States For An Additional Year.

Uscis Continues Suspension Of Premium Processing Service For Religious Workers
The U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services (Uscis) Announced Today That The Suspension Of Premium Processing Service For Religious Worker (R1) Nonimmigrant Visa Petitions Will Continue At Least Until January 7, 2009. A Previous Sixmonth Suspension Was Announced On January 4, 2008.

Immigration To Australia Increasing Amongst Uk Pensioners Wanting Better Weather And Lifestyle.
Australian Immigration News Immigration To Australia Increasing Amongst Uk Pensioners Wanting Better Weather And Lifestyle. Australia Has Been Announced As The Most Popular Retirement Destination For Scottish Pensioners With Almost 95,000 Now Claiming Their Pensions Abroad, Up By A Third In The Past Decade. The Second And Third Most Popular Destinations For Retiring Abroad Being Ireland And [...]

Dol Publishes Final Perm Regulation
The U.S. Department Of Labor Finally Published The Much Awaited Regulation For The Permanent Foreign Labor Certification (Perm) Program. The Perm Program Helps Meet Workforce Needs When There Are No Available American Workers To Fill An Available Job.

Bush Okays Biometric Passport Deadline Extension
The United States Has Extended The Deadline By An Year For Visafree Countries To Start Issuing Passports With Biometric Indicators, Carrying Digitally Encoded Records Of The Bearer, Which Can Be Scanned By A Computer. According To The Programme, Citizens From 27 Countries Can Travel To The United States Without Visas, But Must Carry A Passport With Biometric Indicators. The Extension Of The Deadline Will Give These Countries Time Until October 26, 2005 To Issue New Passports.

Eoir Requires 9Digit Alien Registration Numbers
The Executive Office For Immigration Review (Eoir) Announced Today That, Effective July 21, 2008, Documents Filed With Eoir's Immigration Courts And The Board Of Immigration Appeals (Bia) Should Indicate 9Digit Alien Registration Numbers (A Numbers). For Cases With A 9Digit A Number, All Digits Must Be Provided. For Cases With An 8Digit A Number, A Zero (0) Must Be Inserted Before The 8 Digits. For Example, A######## Should Be Provided As A0########. No Document Filings Will Be Rejected In The Foreseeable Future For Mistakenly Failing To Do So.

Fact Sheet: Iraqi Refugee Processing
The U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (Usrap) Is An Inter-Agency Effort Involving A Number Of Governmental And Non-Governmental Partners, Both Overseas And Domestically, Whose Mission Is To Resettle Refugees In The United States. The U.S. Department Of State's (Dos) Bureau Of Population, Refugees And Migration (Prm) Has Overall Management Responsibility For The Usrap And Has The Lead In Proposing Admissions Numbers And Processing Priorities. Within The U.S. Department Of Homeland Security (Dhs), U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services (Uscis) Has Responsibility For Interviewing Refugee Applicants And Adjudicating Applications For Refugee Status. Through Its Cooperative Agreements With Overseas Processing Entities (Ope), Prm Handles The Intake Of Refugee Referrals From The United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees (Unhcr) And U.S. Embassies, Certain Non-Governmental Organizations (Ngos), The Prescreening Of Cases And The Out-Processing Of Individuals For Travel To The United States.

British Nurses Are Heading For Work In Australia
Australian Immigration News British Nurses Are Heading For Work In Australia Britain's Royal College Of Nursing Has Warned The Uk Government That Too Many Uk Nurses Are Being Lured To Work In Australia. The Head Of Policy At The Royal College Of Nursing, Howard Catton, Explained That Uk Nurses Were Receiving Attractive Offers To Work In Australia. He [...]

Joint Statement By Dos Senior Coordinator For Iraqi Refugee Issues Ambassador James Foley And Dhs Senior Advisor For Iraqi Refugees Lori Scialabba
The U.S. Departments Of State (Dos) And Homeland Security (Dhs) Are Pleased To Announce That They Have Successfully Achieved The Goal Of Admitting More Than 12,000 Iraqi Refugees To The United States Through The U.S. Refugee Admissions Program During Fiscal Year (Fy) 2008.

American Citizen Sponsoring Argentinian Mom
I Am An American Citizen Living In France For The Last Year. I Will Like To Sponsor My Mom That Lives In Argentina. What I Have To Do In Order To Make It Work And How Long Will Take To Get Approved. Norma

Two Categories Of Special Immigrant Religious Workers To Expire On October 1
It's Like A Reminder From The Uscis For All Its Customers That Authorization For The Non-Minister Special Immigrant Religious Worker Program Will Expire On Oct. 1, 2008. The Uscis Even Said That The Individuals Applying To Serve In The Two Non-Minister Categories Of The Program Must Either Adjust Their Status To Permanent Residence Or Apply For, And Be Admitted With, An Immigrant Visa Before Oct. 1, 2008. The Two Expiring Categories Are Special Immigrant Religious Workers In Professional Or Non-Professional Capacities Within A Religious Vocation Or Occupation. The Expiration Date Also Applies To The Accompanying Spouses And Children Of These Workers. Special Immigrant Religious Workers Entering The United States Solely To Carry On The Vocation Of A Minister Of A Religious Denomination Are Not Impacted By The Expiration Date.

Infopass Expansion Continues, Boston Included
The Uscis Has Formally Launched The Internetbased Appointment System Infopass To Residents Of The Massachusetts Area. With Infopass, The Public Can Go Online To Schedule A Date And Time To Meet With An Immigration Information Officer, Avoiding The Need To Wait In Line. Infopass First Debuted In Miami Last Year And Has Eliminated The Lines In That Office Completely.

Update On Pending Fbi Name Checks And Projected Naturalization Processing Times
The Dhs And The Uscis' Ombudsman Announced A Significant Decline In The Number Of Pending Fbi Name Checks For Individuals Seeking Immigration Benefits In The United States. Fbi Name Checks, One Of Several Security Screening Tools Used By The Uscis, Have Delayed The Adjudication Of Benefits For Many Thousands Of Applicants. The Uscis Ombudsman Had Identified Fbi Name Check Delays As One Of The Major Hurdles To Improved Customer Service At Uscis In His 2008 And 2007 Annual Reports To Congress.

Senator Cornyn To Chair Senate&Cedil;S Immigration Subcommittee
U.S. Senator John Cornyn Will Chair The Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee On Immigration, Border Security And Citizenship. The Subcommittee Has Jurisdiction Over Immigration, Citizenship, And Refugee Laws, And Oversight Of The Immigrationrelated Functions Of The Department Of Homeland Security.