L-1 Blanket Petition Program

USCIS has also provided a special set of procedures to be used by companies that have been frequent users of the L-1 visa category or are large multi-national organizations. It is called L-1 Blanket Petition Program. Under this program, the approved company has only to receive one approval from the USCIS to transfer certain number of managerial, executive and professional employees. It is valid initially for 3 years and may be extended indefinitely.

One benefit to this program is that it enables the company to avoid having to file individualized applications for each employee it wishes to transfer to the US, thus saving the company significant time. Instead, the alien can take a copy of the I-797 approval notice and apply directly at the nearby US consulate to obtain an L-1 visa stamp in his passport.

However, since January 16, 2002 there has been change in the law. Only if the employer has a “blanket” L petition approved by the USCIS, the time of employment abroad is shortened from one year to six months. It is applicable only for nonimmigrant L status. Three positions – a manager, an executive and a person with specialized knowledge – are usually considered employable by the USCIS can meet the obligations of a qualifying organization.

The blanket L petition can initially take time to prepare and submit to INS. However, once approved, it enables the petitioning corporation to transfer to the US eligible professionals on a relatively expedited basis. The intending L-1 transferee merely submits INS form I-797 and the supporting documentation to the consulate and may be able to enter the US a week or so after applying to the consulate for a visa, depending on processing times of the particular consulate.

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U.S. Department Of Labor Initiates Supervised Recruitment Of Permanent Labor Certification Applications Filed By Immigration Law Firm
The U.S. Department Of Labor (Dol) Today Announced That It Has Begun Placing Pending Permanent Labor Certification Applications (Lca) Filed By The Cohen & Grigsby Law Firm Into Department-Supervised Recruitment. Supervised Recruitment Requires The Employer To Receive Advance Approval From The Dol For All Recruitment Efforts To Ensure That U.S. Workers Are Fully Considered For Available Positions.

Uscis Informs The Public That New Passport Card Is Acceptable For Employment Eligibility Verification
U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services Is Informing The Public That The New U.S. Passport Card May Be Used In The Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9) Process.

Uscis Modifies Application For Temporary Protected Status (Tds)
U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services (Uscis) Announced Today That It Has Revised The Application For Temporary Protected Status (Form I821). The Agency Is Publishing A Notice In Today's Federal Register To Inform The Public That The New Form Becomes Effective On June 27, 2008.

Minister Kenney Delivers On Irb Promise
Jason Kenney, Canadian Minister Of Citizenship, Immigration And Multiculturalism, Has Announced The Appointment To The Immigration And Refugee Board (Irb) Of A Leading Figure In The Indo-Canadian Community In Vancouver....

Uscis Makes Preparations Ahead Of Hurricane Gustav
U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services (Uscis) Is Preparing To Temporarily Close Offices, If Necessary, Along The Gulf Of Mexico Coastline In The Projected Path Of Hurricane Gustav. If An Office Is Closed, Or Our Customers Are Evacuated From Their Homes, Uscis Will Automatically Reschedule All Appointments Until A Time When It Is Safe To Resume Operations.

President Nominates Michael Chertoff As Dhs Secretary
The President Has Announced The Nomination Of Judge Michael Chertoff To Be The Secretary Of Homeland Security. Michael Chertoff Has Been A Judge On The United States Court Of Appeals For The Third Circuit. His Nomination Must Be Approved By The Senate.

Joint Plan By Uscis And Fbi To Eliminate Of Fbi Name Checks
The U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services (Uscis) And The Federal Bureau Of Investigation (Fbi) Today Announced A Joint Plan To Eliminate The Backlog Of Name Checks Pending With The Fbi. Uscis And The Fbi Established A Series Of Milestones Prioritizing Work Based On The Age Of The Pending Name Check. The Fbi Has Already Eliminated All Name Check Cases Pending More Than Four Years.

Fourth World Migration Report Released By The International Organization For Migration
The Geneva Based International Organization For Migration (Iom) Has Released Its 4Th World Migration Report....

Green Cards Get A New Look
The Uscis Has Made Minor Changes To The Look Of The Permanent Resident Card (Form I551) Commonly Known As The "Green Card". The New Permanent Resident Card Now Features The Dhs Seal On The Front And Prominently Mentions The "Department Of Homeland Security" On The Back.

A Rendezvous With India: The Journey Continues
This Month We Finalize Our Attorneys' Travelogue Describing Their Journey Through India That We Started In Last Month's Newsletter. As You Probably Already Know, During These Events, The Visapro Legal Team Traveled To Five Different Cities In India To Present Substantive And Comprehensive Information On Business Immigration Issues To A Wideranging Audience.

Visa Waiver Program Agreement Signed With Korea
The U.S. Department Of Homeland Security (Dhs) Secretary Michael Chertoff Signed Today A Visa Waiver Program (Vwp) Memorandum Of Understanding (Mou) With Korean Minister Of Foreign Affairs And Trade Yu Myunghwan. The Security Enhancements Outlined In The Agreement Puts Korea On The Path Toward Visafree Travel To The U.S., And Potential Designation As A Vwp Member As Early As Later This Year.

Dhs Grants Real Id Extensions To All Jurisdictions
The U.S. Department Of Homeland Security (Dhs) Has Granted Real Id Extensions To All 56 U.S. Jurisdictions, Ensuring That Driver's Licenses And Id Cards Across The Country Will Achieve A Higher Security Standard, And That All Will Continue To Be Acceptable For Official Purposes After The May 11, 2008 Deadline Mandated By Congress In The Real Id Act Of 2005.

Canadian Immigration Minister Kenney Issues New Instructions For Federal Skilled Worker Applications

Citizenship, Immigration And Multiculturalism Canada (Cimc) Minister Jason Kenney Has Announced The Canadian Government&Rsquo;S Plan For Immigration In 2009.&Nbsp; He Stated That Between 240,000 And 265,000 New Permanent Residents Will Be Welcomed To Canada In 2009; Up To 156,000 Of Them In The Economic Category.

I130 Visa
Hi Everyone Im Married To A Moroccan For 1 1/2 Yreas Now. We Were Married In April O7. It Has Been A Very Hard And Long Road For Us. We Frist Did The I129f, And We Waitted And The In Spet O6 The Conculate In Casablauca Set Him For His Interview Which Was In Oct06. I Was There Visiting. When They...

Dhs Proposes To Establish Biometric Exit Procedures At All U.S Air And Sea Ports Of Departure
The U.S. Department Of Homeland Security (Dhs) Announced Today A Notice Of Proposed Rulemaking That Will Establish Biometric Exit Procedures At All U.S Air And Sea Ports Of Departure. The Majority Of Nonu.S. Citizens Are Already Required To Submit Digital Fingerprints And A Digital Photograph For Admission Into The Country. The Usvisit Exit Proposal Would Require Nonu.S. Citizens Who Provide Biometric Identifiers For Admission To Also Provide Digital Fingerprints When Departing The Country From Any Air Or Sea Ports Of Departure.

Eoir Declares Bia Pro Bono Project As Successful
An Executive Office For Immigration Review (Eoir) Evaluation Of The Board Of Immigration Appeals (Bia) Pro Bono Project Indicates That The Project Has Been Successful In Increasing The Level And Quality Of "Pro Bono" (Free Of Charge) Representation For "Respondents" (Persons In Immigration Removal Proceedings) Who Appeal Their Cases To The Bia.

Joint Announcement From The Dos And Dhs On Passport Card Production
The U.S. Department Of State (Dos) And The U.S. Department Of Homeland Security (Dhs) Announced Today That The New U.S. Passport Card Is In Full Production And Is Now Being Distributed. The Passport Card Is A Convenient, Walletsized Document For Land And Sea Travel Between The United States And Mexico, Canada, The Caribbean, And Bermuda. It Is Not Valid For International Travel By Air.

Uscis Biometric Changes For Reentry Permits And Refugee Travel Documents
U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services (Uscis) Have Issued Revised Instructions For Uscis Form I131, Application For Travel Document. The Instructions Include Changes Effective March 5, 2008 That Require Applicants For Reentry Permits And Refugee Travel Documents To Provide Biometrics (E.G., Fingerprints And Photographs) At A Uscis Application Support Center (Asc) For Background And Security Checks And To Meet Requirements For Secure Travel And Entry Documents Containing Biometric Identifiers.

Update On Pending Fbi Name Checks And Projected Naturalization Processing Times
The Dhs And The Uscis' Ombudsman Announced A Significant Decline In The Number Of Pending Fbi Name Checks For Individuals Seeking Immigration Benefits In The United States. Fbi Name Checks, One Of Several Security Screening Tools Used By The Uscis, Have Delayed The Adjudication Of Benefits For Many Thousands Of Applicants. The Uscis Ombudsman Had Identified Fbi Name Check Delays As One Of The Major Hurdles To Improved Customer Service At Uscis In His 2008 And 2007 Annual Reports To Congress.

Us Opens Four New Immigration Facilities In Florida
The Us Citizenship And Immigration Services Is Opening Four New Immigration Facilities In South Florida To Replace The One That It Currently Operates....