New Rule Proposed To Streamline H2a Procedures

The U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services (Uscis) Announced Today A Series Of Proposed Rule Changes That Will Provide Employers With More Streamlined Procedures For Hiring Workers Under The H-2A Program. The Proposed Rule Is Published In Today's Federal Register.

The H-2A Nonimmigrant Visa Allows U.S. Employers To Bring Foreign Nationals To The United States For Temporary Or Seasonal Agricultural Work. The Series Of Proposed H-2A Rule Modifications, First Announced By Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff On Feb. 6, Will Encourage And Facilitate The Lawful Employment Of Foreign Agricultural Workers While Ensuring The Integrity Of The H-2A Program.

The Proposed Rule Is Designed To Remove Unnecessary Limitations On H-2A Employers While Preventing Fraud And Abuse, And Protecting The Rights Of Temporary Workers. Some Of The Key Modifications To The Rule Include:
  • Extend From 10 To 30 Days The Time A Temporary Agricultural Worker May Remain In The United States Following The Expiration Of The H-2A Petition;
  • Reduce From Six Months To Three Months The Time An H-2A Worker Must Wait Outside The United States Before They Are Eligible To Re-Obtain H-2A Status;
  • Allow H-2A Workers Who Are Changing From One H-2A Employer To Another To Begin Work With The New Petitioning Employer Upon The Filing Of A New H-2A Petition, Provided The New Employer Participates In Uscis' E-Verify Program;
  • Require An Employer Attestation Regarding The Scope Of The H-2A Employment And The Use Of Recruiters To Locate H-2A Workers;
  • Crack Down On Employers And Recruiters Who Impose Fees On Prospective H-2A Workers;
  • Require An Approved Temporary Labor Certification In Connection With All H-2A Petitions;
  • Prohibit The Approval Of H-2A Petitions For Nationals Of Countries Determined To Be Consistently Refusing Or Unreasonably Delaying Repatriation Of Their Nationals; And
  • Establish A Land-Border Exit System Pilot Program, Which Ensures That Foreign Workers Admitted Through A Port Of Entry Participating In The H-2A Program Must Depart Through A Similar Port That Also Participates In The Program.
Note: Uscis Will Accept Public Comments Until March 31.
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Final Rule On Consular Interviews For Niv Applicants
Effective December 18, 2006, The Rule Amends Guidance To Consular Offices For The Waiver Of Personal Appearance Of Applicants For Nonimmigrant Visas. The Regulations Continue To Permit Exemptions From The Interview Requirements Of Persons In A1, A2, C2, C3, G1, G2, G3 G4, Nato 1, Nato2, Nato3, Nato4, Nato5, Or Nato 6 Classifications, And Applicants For Diplomatic Or Officials Visas.

I130 Visa
Hi Everyone Im Married To A Moroccan For 1 1/2 Yreas Now. We Were Married In April O7. It Has Been A Very Hard And Long Road For Us. We Frist Did The I129f, And We Waitted And The In Spet O6 The Conculate In Casablauca Set Him For His Interview Which Was In Oct06. I Was There Visiting. When They...

Joint Announcement From The Dos And Dhs On Passport Card Production
The U.S. Department Of State (Dos) And The U.S. Department Of Homeland Security (Dhs) Announced Today That The New U.S. Passport Card Is In Full Production And Is Now Being Distributed. The Passport Card Is A Convenient, Walletsized Document For Land And Sea Travel Between The United States And Mexico, Canada, The Caribbean, And Bermuda. It Is Not Valid For International Travel By Air.

Uscis Announces New Special Immigrant Visa For Certain Iraqis
The U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services (Uscis) Today Announced Guidelines For A New Special Immigrant Visa For Certain Iraqi Nationals Who Worked For, Or Were Contractors Of The United States Government In Iraq For At Least One Year After March 20, 2003.

U.S. Labor Department's `Transforming The American Workplace: A 21St Century Vision' Summit Sets Stage For Disability Employment
The U.S. Department Of Labor (Dol) Today Kicked Off Its "Transforming The American Workplace: A 21St Century Vision" Summit, Which Focuses On Including People With Disabilities In The American Workforce And Reduced Barriers To Employment. The Invitationonly Summit Continues Through Tomorrow At Gallaudet University's Kellogg Conference Center In Washington, D.C.

Uscis To Increase Immigration Filing Fees
The U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services (Uscis) Have Proposed A Fee Structure For The Fiscal Year 2008/2009. The Increase In Actual Costs To Applicants And Petitioners Will Be Only 66 Percent.

H2b Cap Count Updated
The Word "Cap" Used In This Update Refers To Annual Numerical Limitations Set By Congress On Certain Nonimmigrant Visa Classifications, E.G., H1b And H2b. Caps Control The Number Of Workers That Can Be Issued A Visa In A Given Fiscal Year To Enter The United States Pursuant To A Particular Nonimmigrant Classification. Caps Also Control The Number Of Aliens Already In The United States That May Be Authorized To Change Status To A Capsubject Classification.

Two Categories Of Special Immigrant Religious Workers To Expire On October 1
It's Like A Reminder From The Uscis For All Its Customers That Authorization For The Non-Minister Special Immigrant Religious Worker Program Will Expire On Oct. 1, 2008. The Uscis Even Said That The Individuals Applying To Serve In The Two Non-Minister Categories Of The Program Must Either Adjust Their Status To Permanent Residence Or Apply For, And Be Admitted With, An Immigrant Visa Before Oct. 1, 2008. The Two Expiring Categories Are Special Immigrant Religious Workers In Professional Or Non-Professional Capacities Within A Religious Vocation Or Occupation. The Expiration Date Also Applies To The Accompanying Spouses And Children Of These Workers. Special Immigrant Religious Workers Entering The United States Solely To Carry On The Vocation Of A Minister Of A Religious Denomination Are Not Impacted By The Expiration Date.

Student Visa While I-130 Pending
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First Us Military Naturalization Ceremony Overseas
28 Activeduty Service Members Took The Oath Of Allegiance And Became The Newest U.S. Citizens During A Special Overseas Military Naturalization Ceremony On The Vogelweh Airbase In Kaiserslautern, Germany.

Cimc Minister Kenney Plans To Maintain A Robust Canadian Immigration Program

Citizenship, Immigration, And Multiculturalism Canada (Cimc) Minister Jason Kenney Recently Commented On The Conservative Government'S Plans For Canadian Immigration While On A Visit To The Ukraine.&Nbsp; He Stated That Immigrants Are Needed To Ensure Economic Growth.

Dos Invites Public Comments On J Visa Waiver Recommendation Application
The Department Of State Has Published A Notice Inviting Comments From The Public Concerning The Proposed Collection Of Information In Ds3035, J Visa Waiver Recommendation Application, In Accordance With The Paperwork Reduction Act Of 1995, Preceding Submission To Office Of Management And Budget (Omb) For Approval.

Tn (Trade Nafta) For Mexicans: A Visa Option For Our Friends From South Of The Border
The Tn (Trade Nafta) Was Created In 1994 By The North American Free Trade Agreement, A Multi-Country Trade Agreement Between The Us, Canada And Mexico. It Provides A Feasible Alternative To The H-1B Visa For The Citizens Of Mexico. While The Tn Visa Is Available To Both Mexican And Canadian Citizens In This Article We Will Be Looking At It Only From The Standpoint Of The Mexican Citizen. Because Mexican Citizens, Unlike Canadians, Are Required To Have A Visa Before Applying For Admission To The Us, The Tn Application Procedure For Mexican Citizens Is More Complex Than For Canadians. Even Though The Process Is More Complex In January 2004 It Was Significantly Simplified. Under The Current Procedure A Mexican Citizen Must First Obtain A Tn Visa At A Us Consulate (Generally In Mexico). Once The Tn Visa Stamp Is Obtained In The Mexican Citizen's Passport, They May Enter The Us In Tn Status In A Similar Manner To A Canadian Citizen.

Uscis Extends Validity Of Liberian Eads
Termination Of The Tps Designation For Liberia Is Effective October 24, 2004, Sixty (60) Days After The August 25, 2004 Termination Notice. Accordingly, Uscis Has Extended Until October 24, 2004 The Validity Of Form I688b Employment Authorization Documents Issued To Liberian Tps Beneficiaries That Bear An Expiration Date Of October 1, 2004

Australia Immigration To South Australia At Record Levels.
Australian Immigration News Australia Immigration To South Australia At Record Levels. The Australian Bureau Of Statistics (Abs) Have Just Released Figures That Shows The Level Of Migration To South Australia Is At A Record High. During The Last Twelve Months To April 2007, South Australia Received A Net Gain From Overseas Migration Of 12,600 People, And The First [...]

U.S. Department Of Labor Auditing All Permanent Labor Certification Applications Filed By Major Immigration Law Firm
The U.S. Department Of Labor (Dol) Today Announced That It Has Begun Auditing All Permanent Labor Certification Applications Filed By Attorneys At Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy Llp.

New Age Requirement For Partners Of Settled Migrants In The Uk
According To New Rules Which Came Into Effect On 27 November 2008, The Minimum Age At Which A Spouse Can Join Their Migrant Partner In The Uk Has Been Raised From 18 To 21 For Both Parties....

Dos Exempts Families Of Injured Workers From Niv Fee
The Department Of State Has Published An Interim Rule Amending The Schedule Of Fees For Consular Services To Include An Exemption From The Nonimmigrant Visa Application Processing Fee For Family Members Traveling To The United States For The Funeral Or Burial Of A U.S. Government Employee Killed In The Line Of Duty Or To Visit A U.S. Government Employee Critically Injured In The Line Of Duty.

Need Information For G4
Hi There, I Have Few Questions Regarding G4 Visa. 1) What Documents Are Required? 2) What Is Eligibility? 3) Is There Any Chances To File Green Card On G4 Visa? 4) What Are The Other Benefits Other Than No Tax? 5) What Is Processing Time? 6) Can I Sponsor My Parents ?

No Sigificant Change Expected To Australia&Cedil;S Record High Migrant Intake
Despite The Global Financial Crisis, Australia'S Immigration Minister Chris Evans Has Indicated That He Expects Only Modest Cuts In Next Years Migrant Intake Program Which Is Currently At An All Time High, With Australia Taking More Than 200 000 New Immigrants Per Year....