Filing for J-1 Waiver

The J-1 program allows physicians to obtain a waiver of the "home return" requirement if they agree to provide primary care services in an underserved area. This the primary way by which many physicians are able to remain in the US. To obtain a waiver, one has to contact their state government Department of Public Health. Each state is allowed to request up to 30 waivers each year for J-1 physicians.

The timing of filing for a J-1 waiver is critical. The applicant must be careful not to wait too long that s/he will fall out of J-1 status before being able to work in the position, as waiver cases take a long time.

Doctors taking primary care jobs pursuant to a waiver must work full time in that primary care job only in the Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA) or Medically Underserved Area (MUA), where it is purported to be so. Using such Visas as a cover for a specialty job can raise extremely severe fraud concerns, leading to a removal and a permanent ban to reentry.

Before international medical graduates (IMGs) can receive licenses from the state in which they want to practice, they must complete a residency program in the US. Most do so by entering the country as a non-immigrant exchange visitor under a J-1 visa. When their US residency is complete, IMGs must return to their countries of citizenship or last residence for two years (although waivers can often be obtained) before returning to the US as a temporary worker with an H or L visa or as a permanent resident.


Changing Jobs within the 3-year Period

In order to change jobs during the three-year period after obtaining the J-1 waiver, the foreign medical graduate must demonstrate "extenuating circumstances". It is important that the circumstances be well documented. It can be risky for the international medical graduate to change jobs because the application to change to new job may result in increased scrutiny that will cause the BCIS to find that s/he has not complied with the terms of the waiver, and the doctor will be re-subjected to the 2-year home residency requirement.

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Australian And New Zealand Greek Youths To Compete In Adelaide's Pan- Hellenic Games In 2007
Australian Immigration News Australian And New Zealand Greek Youths To Compete In Adelaide's Pan- Hellenic Games In 2007 The Goals Of The Event Are To Promote The Eternal Ideas Of The Olympic Spirit And To Strengthen The Ties Amongst The Greek Community. The Games Will Include Events In Track And Field, Swimming, Weightlifting, Taekwondo, Tennis, Gymnastics, And [...]

Uscis Reminds Employers Of Automatic Extension Of Certain Tps-Based Eads
The U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services Has Reminded Employers Of The Automatic Extension Of The Validity Of Honduran And Nicaraguan Tpsbased Eads For Six Months, From January 5, 2005 Until July 5, 2005.

Sevis Fee Payment Begins Today
Beginning Today, Students, Scholars And Exchange Visitors From Abroad Whose Schools Or Programs Are Approved In Sevis Will Be Required To Pay The Appropriate Fee - In Most Cases, $100 Prior To Obtaining Their Visas.

Dhs Updates Entry And Exit Ports For Usvisit
Dhs Has Issued A Notice Identifying Six New Ports Of Entry For Inclusion In The Usvisit Program At Air And Sea Ports. This Notice Also Deletes Two Ports Of Entry That Were Inadvertently Included In The January 5, 2004 Notice Identifying Air And Sea Ports Of Entry Under Usvisit. The Notice Also Deletes Two Ports That Were Included Inadvertently In The Exit Pilot Programs Announced On August 3, 2004 At 69 Fr 46556, Replacing Those Ports With Two Airports To Maintain The Full Number Of Fifteen Exit Pilot Programs.

Dos Invites Public Comments On J Visa Waiver Recommendation Application
The Department Of State Has Published A Notice Inviting Comments From The Public Concerning The Proposed Collection Of Information In Ds3035, J Visa Waiver Recommendation Application, In Accordance With The Paperwork Reduction Act Of 1995, Preceding Submission To Office Of Management And Budget (Omb) For Approval.

President Signs Omnibus Appropriations Act; Uscis To Implement The New Law
U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services (Uscis) Has Announced That President Bush Has Signed The Omnibus Appropriations Act For Fy 2005, Which Contains Provisions Affecting The H1b And L Nonimmigrant Visa Categories. Both The H1b And L Programs Allow U.S. Employers To Sponsor Temporary Foreign Workers.

Two New Bills Propose H-1B Hike
Though He Tried And Failed Last Year, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates&Rsquo; Plea For H1b Quota Hike Seems To Have Appealed To The Politicians In The Pre-Election Mode This Year. Two Bills Have Been Introduced, One By U.S. House Of Representatives Democrat On The Science And Technology Committee Which Gates Had Addressed And Another By A House Republican. Both Bills Propose To Raise The H1b Quota By 2008.

H1b Is A Visa Category That Allows Us Employers To Bring In Aliens With At Least A Bachelors Degree And Specialized Skills To Work In Special Occupations (Programmers, Scientists Etc). As Of Now, The H1b Cap Is At 65,000, And In Addition There Exists A H1b Masters Quota For Aliens With Advanced Degrees From U.S. Schools, Which Stands At 20000. So, Altogether 85,000 Visas.

The First Bill, The Innovation Employment Act, Proposes To Hike The Quota To 130,000 For 2008 And Take It Up To 180,000 If Necessary In The Preceding Year. Sponsored By Democrat Gabrielle Giffords (Az) The Bill Also Proposes Exemption For All Foreigners Who Has A Master's Or Doctorate From A U.S. University In Math, Science, Engineering, And Other Technology Fields. In Addition, Another 20,000 Visas Are Being Proposed For Foreigners Who Have Similar Degrees From Institutions Outside The United States.

The Second Bill Was Proposed By Lamar Smith, A Ranking Member Of House Judiciary Committee From Texas. The Bill, Called The Strengthening United States Technology And Innovation Now (Or Sustain) Act, Proposes To Raise The Visa Cap To 195,000.

Why The Hike?

Both Bills Follow Bill Gates&Rsquo; Plea, Which Is Echoed By Many Other Technology Companies, Which Pointed To A Visa Shortage Crisis. These Companies Argue That They Are Facing Severe Shortage Of Specialized Workers As There Aren&Rsquo;T Many Qualified Americans. Countering Some Of The Usual Criticism Faced By H1b, Gates Stated In His Addresses That By Hiring H-1B Workers Microsoft Is Actually Preventing Jobs From Being Moved Offshore And Also Creating More Jobs For American Programmers And Engineers&Rsquo; Junior Level.

The Demand For H1b Has Also Far Exceeded The Quota In The Last Few Years, Culminating In A Unprecedented 150,000 Applications Received By Uscis On The Very First Day In 2007.

Us Programmers Highly Critical Of Bill

The H-1B Program Has Always Received Lots Of Criticism From Americans Programmers, Who Believe That There Is No Actual Shortage Of Workers In Us And The Technology Companies Are Misusing The H1b Program To Hire Low Paid Workers. Us Workers Also Feel That The H1b Program Depress The Wages And Are Displacing Qualified Domestic Workers. With Us Facing Probable Recession And The Recent Job Cuts Are Also Lending Credentials To These Fears.

Additionally, As A Large Chunk Of H1bs Are Grabbed By The Indian Firms Lately, Many Us Workers Believe The Current H-1B Program Does Not Support U.S. Businesses. Microsoft And Intel Are The Two Us Based Companies That Largely Apply For H1bs.

New H-1B Bills Can Reform Current Program?

It Has Been Alleged That Many Consultancy Firms Are Acting As Recruitment Agencies, Hiring H-1B Workers And Them Allowing Them To Find Job With Other Foreign Companies.

The Innovation Employment Act, If Passed Will Put A Stop To This Practice. The Bill Proposes To Enforce That Clause That H1bs Workers Are Employed Directly By A Company I.E. H-1B Visa Holders Cannot Do Third Party Consulting.

In Addition, This Bill Also Proposes To Stop Employers From Bringing Foreign Workers Here To Just To Train And Then Sending Them Back To The Offshore Branches.
But Let&Rsquo;S Not Forget, These Bills Have Been Just Introduced And Not Even Passed The Committee Level. The H1b Application Start Date For 2008-2009 Is April 1St. It's Highly Unlikely That Either Bill Will Be Passed Before That.

Uscis Fact Sheet On Child Citizenship Act Of 2000
The U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services Has Released A Fact Sheet On The Child Citizenship Act Of 2000. The Fact Sheet Contains Answers To Frequently Asked Questions Relating To Acquisition Of Citizenship By Certain Foreignborn Children.

A Rendezvous With India: Immigration Seminar In Pune
Bringing To You The Second Article From Our Attorney's Diary On Our Recent Seminars And Workshops In Various Cities In India. This Article Contains Exciting Anecdotes From His Travel Experiences And Stay In Pune.

Dhs Under Secretary Discusses Us Visit Expansion
Dhs Under Secretary Has Stressed That "One Of Our Highest Priorities At Us Visit Is To Make Sure That The United States Continues To Be A Welcoming Nation And That Travelers Continue To Come To The United States, Whether For Business, Vacation Or Study.

Can I File For I-130/Aos While On B-2/B-1 Visa
Hi! I Have Gone Through So Many Websites, With So Many Different Answers To My Question. Is It Legal To Apply For An I-130/I-485 If You Are In The Us And And Recently Married To A Usc, With No Fraudulent Intent? If So, Do I Just File And Let Fate Take Its Course At The Interview? Is There Anybody...

Dos Exempts Families Of Injured Workers From Niv Fee
The Department Of State Has Published An Interim Rule Amending The Schedule Of Fees For Consular Services To Include An Exemption From The Nonimmigrant Visa Application Processing Fee For Family Members Traveling To The United States For The Funeral Or Burial Of A U.S. Government Employee Killed In The Line Of Duty Or To Visit A U.S. Government Employee Critically Injured In The Line Of Duty.

Uscis Releases Updated Employer Information Bulletin
The Office Of Business Liaison Under The Uscis Has Released An Updated Employer Information Bulletin On The Services Of Its Office. The Primary Function Of Office Of Business Liaison Is To Educate The United States Business/Employer Community On Employmentrelated Immigration Matters.

Greek Passport Holders Urged To Seek New Passports
Australian Immigration News Greek Passport Holders Urged To Seek New Passports Added: (Sun Mar 11 2007) Minister For Immigration And Multicultural Affairs Amanda Vanstone Has Urged All People Holding Greek Passports Issued Before January 1, 2006, To Contact The Greek Embassy Or Consulate Urgently To Secure New Passports If They Wish To Travel In [...]

Alternatives To H1b: E3 Visa Australians In Specialty Occupations
In May 2005, The United States Created A New Nonimmigrant Visa Category Available Only To Australian Citizens (As Well As Their Spouses And Children). Known As E3, It Allows Australian Nationals To Accept Employment In "Specialty Occupations" In The Us.

Travelogue: Immigration Workshop In Bangalore
This Month's In Focus Section Will Journey You Through Yet Another Exciting Day In Our Attorney's Travelogue: Bangalore, Our First Immigration Workshop In The Immigration Events Series Last Year.

Enter Us Without A Visa
The Visa Waiver Program Allows Foreign Nationals From Certain Designated Countries To Enter The U.S. For A Period Of Up To 90 Days As A Visitor For Business Or Pleasure Without Obtaining A Visa.

Passport Requirements For Air Travel
Starting January 23Rd, 2007, The Citizens Of The United States, Canada, Mexico, And Bermuda Will Be Now Required To Present A Passport To Enter The United States While Arriving By Air From Any Part Of The Western Hemisphere.

Uscis Announces Direct Filing Instructions For Forms I129 And I539
U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services (Uscis) Announced New Direct Filing Instructions For A Variety Of Immigration Forms That Were Transitioned Into The Bispecialization Initiative. Effective April 2, 2007, All Forms I129 And I539 Are To Be Filed Directly With The California Service Center Or The Vermont Service Center, Whichever Is Applicable.

Uscis In Los Angeles Reaches Out To Its Customers Affected By Earthquake And Aftershocks
U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services (Uscis) In Los Angeles Is Taking Several Proactive Measures To Reach Customers And Employees Affected By The Earthquake And Aftershocks. The Safety Of Our Customers And Employees Comes First And Foremost.