H-1B Work Visa

Limitations of H-1B (Quota and Other Limitations)

  • H-1B is granted for a maximum of 6 years. The individual must depart the U.S. for at least one year before qualifying again for H-1B status.
  • There is annual numerical limit for H-1B visas issued. However, applications for extensions of H-1B status, for concurrent employment, to change employers, applications for physicians who received J waivers are not subject to the cap.
  • Spouse and children not allowed to work, unless otherwise authorized by the USCIS.
  • No automatic conversion to permanent residence status. H-1B status is independent of the green card application.
  • Employment at will. Either the employer or the alien may terminate employment at any time for any or no reason at all. As soon as the employment is terminated, your visa is technically not valid. A grace period of only 10 days is given.
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American Police Records - How To Get Them?
Can Any One Let Me Know How I Get: The American Police Records. Where I Ask For It? How I Ask For It? How Long It Takes? How Much It Cost? Or I Wait For The Fingerprinting Process? Norma

Peterborough Launches Immigrant Integration Council

The Peterborough, Ontario Region Is Among The Many Areas In Canada That Are Working To Make Themselves More Attractive Immigration Destinations.

Cbp Gets Another Weapon In Its Armor; Expedited Removal Authorization
The Cbp Has Been Granted The Power To Place Certain Aliens In Expedited Removal Proceedings. The Dhs Believes That This Step Will Enhance National Security And Public Safety By Facilitating Prompt Immigration Determinations And Enable Dhs To Deal More Effectively With Large Volume Of Persons Seeking Illegal Entry Into The Us.

Dhs Announces Expanded Border Control Plans
Department Of Homeland Security Announced Plans To Expand Control Of The United States Borders Through Increased Use Of Immigration Laws To Combat Illegal Entry Between The Ports Of Entry While Facilitating Travel For Legitimate Mexican Visitors.

Samenfink Heads Cbp&Cedil;S Modernization Office
U.S. Customs And Border Protection (Cbp) Has Announced The Appointment Of 26Year Cbp Veteran Louis Samenfink As Executive Director Of The Agency's Modernization Office.

I864 Affidavit Of Support: New Poverty Guidelines For 2008
Uscis Has Released The 2008 Poverty Guidelines On Form I864p To Be Used In Calculating The Required Income For Affidavits Of Support (I864). These Poverty Guidelines Will Remain In Effect Until Spring 2009, When The New Guidelines Are Released. The 2008 Guidelines Reflect Changes In The Amount Of Income That Is Now Required Under The New Guidelines And Generally With Each Increase In Household Size, The Amount Of Income Has Increased.

Uscis Announces Fy 2005 H1b Petition Filing Status
Uscis Has Announced That It Has Received 45,900 H1b Petitions That Will Count Against The Congressionallymandated Cap For Fiscal Year 2005 (October 1, 2004 Through September 30, 2005). The Limit In Fiscal Year 2005 Is 65,000.

Uscis Announces 18-Month Extension Of Temporary Protected Status For Nationals Of Sudan
U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services (Uscis) Announced Today An Extension Of Temporary Protected Status (Tps) For Nationals Of Sudan Through May 2, 2010. The Extension Will Offer Those Who Have Already Been Granted Tps An Opportunity To Re-Register And Maintain Their Status For An Additional 18 Months. Tps Does Not Apply To Sudanese Nationals Who Entered The United States After Oct. 4, 2007.

Uscis Permits F1 Students Opportunity To Request Change Of Status
The U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services (Uscis) Has Announced That It Would Allow F1 Students Who Are The Beneficiaries Of Selected H1b Petitions For Fiscal Year (Fy) 2009 To Request A Change Of Status In Lieu Of Consular Notification.

Dhs Signs Visa Waiver Program Interim Declaration With Bulgaria
U.S. Department Of Homeland Security (Dhs) Secretary Michael Chertoff Signed Today A Visa Waiver Program (Vwp) Interim Declaration With Bulgarian Foreign Minister Ivailo Kalfin. The Security Enhancements Outlined In The Declaration Continues Bulgaria's Progress On The Path Toward Visafree Travel To The U.S., And Possible Designation As A Vwp Member.

Cbp Officers Directed To Enforce Law With Common Sense On Visa Waiver Overstayers
U.S. Customs And Border Protection (Cbp) Commissioner Robert C. Bonner Announced Today New Discretion For Cbp Officers To Grant Norisk Travelers Who Overstayed Under The Visa Waiver Program (Vwp) On A Prior Visit A Onetime Parole. The Use Of Discretion By Cbp Supervisors Will Avoid The Detention And Handcuffing Which Commissioner Bonner Said Was "Inappropriate" For Minor Violations Of The Visa Waiver Program.

Student Exchange Visitor Program Faq's
Here Are Some Of The Ice Faq's On The Proposed Fee Increase To The Student And Exchange Visitor Program (Sevp).

Uscis Modifies Application For Employment Authorization
U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services (Uscis) Announced Today That It Has Revised Form I765, Application For Employment Authorization. The Form Now Includes Additional Eligibility Codes.

Family-Based Immigrant Visa: Who Qualifies?
The Us Congress, By Conferring Permanent Residence Eligibility Upon Certain Family-Based Groups, Has Properly Recognized The Importance Of Family Unification In American Immigration Law. The Family-Based Immigration Falls Under Two Basic Categories: Unlimited (Immediate Relatives Of U.S. Citizens) And Limited (The "Preference" Categories). Approximately 500,000 Family-Based Immigrant Visas Are Available Each Year. Family Based Immigration Has Many Benefits For Us Citizens Or Permanent Residents That Want To Be Reunited With Family, Be It A Spouse And Children, A Newly Adopted Child, Or Brothers And Sisters. The Closeness Of The Relationship Will Determine If The Foreign National Can Be Sponsored Under The Family Based Categories, And If They Can How Long It Will Take For Them To Get The Immigrant Visa.

New Rule Proposed To Streamline H2a Procedures
The U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services (Uscis) Announced Today A Series Of Proposed Rule Changes That Will Provide Employers With More Streamlined Procedures For Hiring Workers Under The H2a Program. The Proposed Rule Is Published In Today's Federal Register.

Australian Resident's Rush To Become Citizens Before The Going Gets Tough
Australian Immigration News Australian Resident's Rush To Become Citizens Before The Going Gets Tough The Australian Government's Plans To Make It Tougher To Become An Australian Citizen Have Prompted A Surge In Applications From People Trying To Beat Its Introduction In September . There Is A Surge In Applications To Become Australian Citizens Has People Hope To Avoid [...]

Joint Announcement From The Dos And Dhs On Passport Card Production
The U.S. Department Of State (Dos) And The U.S. Department Of Homeland Security (Dhs) Announced Today That The New U.S. Passport Card Is In Full Production And Is Now Being Distributed. The Passport Card Is A Convenient, Walletsized Document For Land And Sea Travel Between The United States And Mexico, Canada, The Caribbean, And Bermuda. It Is Not Valid For International Travel By Air.

Supplemental Proposed Rule With Employer Guidance Regarding Nomatch Letters
The U.S. Department Of Homeland Security (Dhs) Released Today A Supplemental Proposed Rulemaking For The Nomatch Rule Previously Issued On August 15, 2007. This Rulemaking Addresses Three Issues Cited In A Decision Of The U.S. District Court For The Northern District Of California Enjoining The August 2007 Nomatch Rule. This Supplemental Proposed Rulemaking Provides A More Detailed Analysis Of How Dhs Developed The Nomatch Policy And Will Help Responsible Employers Ensure That They Are Not Employing Unauthorized Workers.

Eoir Fact Sheet On Bia Streamlining
On August 23, 2002, The Attorney General Issued A Final Rule That Restructured The Board Of Immigration Appeals (Bia Or Board Revising The Organization And Procedures Of The Board.

Advance Parole: A Condition Prerequisite For Travel Abroad
The U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Service (Uscis) Has Made It Mandatory For Applicants Undergoing Adjustment Of Status To Obtain Advance Parole Before Traveling Abroad.