"Adit" Stamps To Be Continued
Until Further Notice, U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services (Uscis) Will Continue The Practice Of Issuing "Adit" Stamps. An "Adit" Stamp Is Added To A Passport Or An Arrivaldeparture Record (I94) As Proof Of Temporary Residency.

President Signs Omnibus Appropriations Act; Uscis To Implement The New Law
U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services (Uscis) Has Announced That President Bush Has Signed The Omnibus Appropriations Act For Fy 2005, Which Contains Provisions Affecting The H1b And L Nonimmigrant Visa Categories. Both The H1b And L Programs Allow U.S. Employers To Sponsor Temporary Foreign Workers.

10 Tips To Succeed In The Uscis Marriage Interview
Many People Become Extremely Overwrought When It Comes To Facing An Interview With The Us Citizenship And Immigration Services (Uscis) For Their Marriage-Based Green Card, So Was The Case With Jennie And Robbie. The "Marriage Interview," Which Both Of The Partners Are Required To Attend As Part Of The Green Card Application, Should Not Be Presumed As A Simple Process; It Has The Possibility Of Being A Very Grueling And Painful Event. You Can Take The Stress And Anxiety Out Of The Situation Through Thorough Preparation. It Is For This Reason That This Article Has Been Designed To Make Your Voyage Of Obtaining A Marriage Based Green Card Either For Yourself Or For Your Spouse, An Easy And Pleasant Experience. The 10 Simple Yet Amazing Tips Revealed In This Article Helps You To Be Successful At Your Marriage Based Immigrant Visa Interview.

Uscis To Permanently Close Its Hong Kong Field Office On August 29, 2008
U. S. Citizenship And Immigration Services (Uscis) Today Announced It Will Permanently Close Its Field Office In Hong Kong On August 29, 2008. To Prepare, The Hong Kong Field Office Will Stop Accepting The Following Applications And Transfer Responsibility After The Dates Listed Below:

Aos Interview - H1b Cancelled Without Prejudice
After Aos Interview, Io Has Cancelled(Without Prejudice) H1b/H4b And Mentioned That We Are On Intent Immigrant Status, Hence We Dont Need It. My Ead/Advance Payrole Are Expired. What Is My Current Status? What Are My Options For Renewing Ead And Advance Payrole, Is It Safe To Do So At This Stage...

I130 Visa
Hi Everyone Im Married To A Moroccan For 1 1/2 Yreas Now. We Were Married In April O7. It Has Been A Very Hard And Long Road For Us. We Frist Did The I129f, And We Waitted And The In Spet O6 The Conculate In Casablauca Set Him For His Interview Which Was In Oct06. I Was There Visiting. When They...

Cimc Minister Kenney Plans To Maintain A Robust Canadian Immigration Program

Citizenship, Immigration, And Multiculturalism Canada (Cimc) Minister Jason Kenney Recently Commented On The Conservative Government'S Plans For Canadian Immigration While On A Visit To The Ukraine.&Nbsp; He Stated That Immigrants Are Needed To Ensure Economic Growth.

President Nominates Michael Chertoff As Dhs Secretary
The President Has Announced The Nomination Of Judge Michael Chertoff To Be The Secretary Of Homeland Security. Michael Chertoff Has Been A Judge On The United States Court Of Appeals For The Third Circuit. His Nomination Must Be Approved By The Senate.

Getting Married While On F1 Status
Hi All, Need Your Help. I Am Currently On F1, And Will Soon Be On Opt. I Am Planning To Get Married And Wanted To Know If My Husband Will Be Able To Come To Us And If So On Which Visa? What Will Be More Advisable? To Get Married While I Am On F1 (But Again Once I Am Off From F1 Status And On Opt...

Uscis Releases 2003 Statistical Yearbook
The Office Of Immigration Statistics Has Published The 2003 Uscis Yearbook Of Immigration Statistics Providing Information And Statistics On Migrants Who Apply For Different Legal Statuses As Well As Immigration Law Enforcement Activities.

Tips For U.S. Citizens And Permanent Residents Traveling Internationally.
U.S. Citizens And Green Card Holders Vacationing Abroad This Holiday Season Can Make Their Own Travel Easier By Reading The Tips On International Travel Provided By U.S. Customs Border Protection (Cbp) In 'Know Before You Go' Available At Cbp's Web Site.

Announcement Of Higher Fines For Immigration Violations
On Friday, Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey Announced Higher Civil Fines Against Employers Who Violate Federal Immigration Laws. The Announcement Was Made In A Joint Briefing Today With Secretary Of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff About Newly Enacted Border Security Reforms Put In Place By The Departments Of Justice And Homeland Security. Under The New Rule, Which Was Approved By Attorney General Mukasey And Secretary Chertoff, Civil Fines Will Increase By As Much As $5,000. The New Rule Will Take Effect On March 27, 2008, And Will Be Published In The Federal Register Early This Week.

The Show Is Over; Uscis Reaches H1b Cap
The Uscis Has Received Enough H1b Petitions To Meet This Year's Congressionally Mandated Cap Of 65,000 Workers. After Today, Uscis Will Not Accept Any New H1b Petitions For Firsttime Employment Subject To The Fy 2004 Annual Cap.

Joint Statement By Dos Senior Coordinator For Iraqi Refugee Issues Ambassador James Foley And Dhs Senior Advisor For Iraqi Refugees Lori Scialabba
The U.S. Departments Of State (Dos) And Homeland Security (Dhs) Are Pleased To Announce That They Have Successfully Achieved The Goal Of Admitting More Than 12,000 Iraqi Refugees To The United States Through The U.S. Refugee Admissions Program During Fiscal Year (Fy) 2008.

U.S. Consulate, Chennai Reschedules Feb 2 Appointments
The Chennai Consulate In India Has Moved All Appointments On 2 February, 2007 To 6 February, 2007 Or 13 February, 2007. To Simplify The Rescheduling, All L1 And L2 Visa Applicants Have Been Rescheduled For 6 February, 2007 And All Other Applicants Have Been Rescheduled To 13 February, 2007.

Biometric Identification Technology Operational Nationwide
The Department Of Homeland Security (Dhs) In A Joint Effort With The Department Of Justice (Doj) Announced Today That Integrated Tenprint Biometric Identification Technology Is Operating In Every U.S. Customs And Border Protection (Cbp) Border Patrol Station Throughout The Country.

New Version Of Form I102 Released
The Uscis Has Released The New Version Of Form I102, Application For Replacement/Initial Nonimmigrant Arrivaldeparture Document. This Form Is Used By A Nonimmigrant To Apply For A New Or Replacement Form I94 Or I95 Nonimmigrant Arrivaldeparture Document.

Dol Announces To Grant $7.4 Million To Help Texas Clean Up And Recover From Hurricane Dolly
The U.S. Department Of Labor (Dol) Today Announced A $7,350,171 Grant To Texas To Create Approximately 475 Temporary Jobs To Assist In Cleanup And Recovery Efforts As A Result Of Hurricane Dolly. The Grant Awarded To The Texas Workforce Commission, Will Be Used In Gulf Coast Counties To Provide Temporary Employment On Projects For The Cleanup, Demolition, Repair, Renovation And Reconstruction Of Destroyed Public Structures, Facilities And Lands Within Affected Communities. Funds Will Also Be Used For Projects That Provide Retraining Services For Those Who Cannot Return To Work And Humanitarian Assistance For Disaster Victims, Including Work On The Homes Of Individuals Eligible For The Federally Funded Weatherization Program.

Uscis Informs The Public That New Passport Card Is Acceptable For Employment Eligibility Verification
U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services Is Informing The Public That The New U.S. Passport Card May Be Used In The Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9) Process.

Cbp Launches New Phase Of National Public Education Campaign - Reminded Travelers To Prepare For Upcoming Changes To Cross-Border Document Requirements
The U.S. Department Of Homeland Security's Customs And Border Protection (Cbp) Announced Today That It Will Launch The Next Phase Of A National Television, Print And Online Advertising Campaign During The National Football League C Season Kickoff Game, To Educate The Public About New Travel Document Requirements That Will Go Into Effect On June 1, 2009 Under The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (Whti).

Uscis Revises Instructions On Where To Submit Applications Previously Processed By Its Tijuana Field Office
U. S. Citizenship And Immigration Services (Uscis) Today Revised Its Instructions On Where To Submit Applications Previously Processed By Its Tijuana Field Office. The Tijuana Field Office Is Closing On July 3, 2008 And To Prepare, The Agency Stopped Accepting The Following Applications And Transferred Responsibilities As Reflected Below.

Premium Processing Service Suspended For R1 Applications
U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services (Uscis) Has Temporarily Suspended Premium Processing Service For I129 Petitions Seeking R1 Nonimmigrant Visa Classification Filed With The Uscis.

Infopass Comes To Atlanta
Continuing Its National Effort To Implement Infopass In All 22 District Offices Around The Country, Including All 34 Suboffices By Early September 2004, Uscis Has Formally Launched The Internetbased Appointment System Infopass To Residents Of The Houston Area. Infopass Is Offered In 12 Languages Including: Arabic, Chinese, Creole, French, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Tagalog, Russian, And Vietnamese. Uscis Plans To Add Additional Languages In The Future.

What&Cedil;S Next After Marriage On Fiance Visa
Hi, I Recently Got Married To A Usc On A Fiancee Visa And My Questions Are: A) Is There A Timeframe By When My Husband Should File The Green Card Petition For Me? B) Should We File In Form I-130 And Wait For It To Be Approved Before We File In Form I-485 Or Can We Just File Both At The Same...

Dol Publishes Final Perm Regulation
The U.S. Department Of Labor Finally Published The Much Awaited Regulation For The Permanent Foreign Labor Certification (Perm) Program. The Perm Program Helps Meet Workforce Needs When There Are No Available American Workers To Fill An Available Job.

"Adit" Stamps To Be Continued
Until Further Notice, U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services (Uscis) Will Continue The Practice Of Issuing "Adit" Stamps. An "Adit" Stamp Is Added To A Passport Or An Arrivaldeparture Record (I94) As Proof Of Temporary Residency.

Two New Bills Propose H-1B Hike
Though He Tried And Failed Last Year, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates&Rsquo; Plea For H1b Quota Hike Seems To Have Appealed To The Politicians In The Pre-Election Mode This Year. Two Bills Have Been Introduced, One By U.S. House Of Representatives Democrat On The Science And Technology Committee Which Gates Had Addressed And Another By A House Republican. Both Bills Propose To Raise The H1b Quota By 2008.

H1b Is A Visa Category That Allows Us Employers To Bring In Aliens With At Least A Bachelors Degree And Specialized Skills To Work In Special Occupations (Programmers, Scientists Etc). As Of Now, The H1b Cap Is At 65,000, And In Addition There Exists A H1b Masters Quota For Aliens With Advanced Degrees From U.S. Schools, Which Stands At 20000. So, Altogether 85,000 Visas.

The First Bill, The Innovation Employment Act, Proposes To Hike The Quota To 130,000 For 2008 And Take It Up To 180,000 If Necessary In The Preceding Year. Sponsored By Democrat Gabrielle Giffords (Az) The Bill Also Proposes Exemption For All Foreigners Who Has A Master's Or Doctorate From A U.S. University In Math, Science, Engineering, And Other Technology Fields. In Addition, Another 20,000 Visas Are Being Proposed For Foreigners Who Have Similar Degrees From Institutions Outside The United States.

The Second Bill Was Proposed By Lamar Smith, A Ranking Member Of House Judiciary Committee From Texas. The Bill, Called The Strengthening United States Technology And Innovation Now (Or Sustain) Act, Proposes To Raise The Visa Cap To 195,000.

Why The Hike?

Both Bills Follow Bill Gates&Rsquo; Plea, Which Is Echoed By Many Other Technology Companies, Which Pointed To A Visa Shortage Crisis. These Companies Argue That They Are Facing Severe Shortage Of Specialized Workers As There Aren&Rsquo;T Many Qualified Americans. Countering Some Of The Usual Criticism Faced By H1b, Gates Stated In His Addresses That By Hiring H-1B Workers Microsoft Is Actually Preventing Jobs From Being Moved Offshore And Also Creating More Jobs For American Programmers And Engineers&Rsquo; Junior Level.

The Demand For H1b Has Also Far Exceeded The Quota In The Last Few Years, Culminating In A Unprecedented 150,000 Applications Received By Uscis On The Very First Day In 2007.

Us Programmers Highly Critical Of Bill

The H-1B Program Has Always Received Lots Of Criticism From Americans Programmers, Who Believe That There Is No Actual Shortage Of Workers In Us And The Technology Companies Are Misusing The H1b Program To Hire Low Paid Workers. Us Workers Also Feel That The H1b Program Depress The Wages And Are Displacing Qualified Domestic Workers. With Us Facing Probable Recession And The Recent Job Cuts Are Also Lending Credentials To These Fears.

Additionally, As A Large Chunk Of H1bs Are Grabbed By The Indian Firms Lately, Many Us Workers Believe The Current H-1B Program Does Not Support U.S. Businesses. Microsoft And Intel Are The Two Us Based Companies That Largely Apply For H1bs.

New H-1B Bills Can Reform Current Program?

It Has Been Alleged That Many Consultancy Firms Are Acting As Recruitment Agencies, Hiring H-1B Workers And Them Allowing Them To Find Job With Other Foreign Companies.

The Innovation Employment Act, If Passed Will Put A Stop To This Practice. The Bill Proposes To Enforce That Clause That H1bs Workers Are Employed Directly By A Company I.E. H-1B Visa Holders Cannot Do Third Party Consulting.

In Addition, This Bill Also Proposes To Stop Employers From Bringing Foreign Workers Here To Just To Train And Then Sending Them Back To The Offshore Branches.
But Let&Rsquo;S Not Forget, These Bills Have Been Just Introduced And Not Even Passed The Committee Level. The H1b Application Start Date For 2008-2009 Is April 1St. It's Highly Unlikely That Either Bill Will Be Passed Before That.

Uscis To Welcome More Than 28000 Citizens
More Than 28,000 Men, Women And Children From Throughout The United States Will Raise Their Right Hands And Become America's Newest Citizens During Special Citizenship Day Ceremonies.

Cbp Announces Border Patrol Academy
U.S. Customs And Border Protection (Cbp) Commissioner Robert C. Bonner Announced Today That The Border Patrol Academy Will Be Consolidated In A State Of The Art Training Facility Located In Artesia, New Mexico. Currently, New Border Patrol Agents Are Trained In Two Different Locations In Georgia And South Carolina.

Ice Arrests 59 At Northern Virginia Resort After I9 Inspection
As Part Of Ongoing Efforts To Secure Our Nation's Borders Through The Discharge Of Interior Law Enforcement Missions, U.S. Immigration And Customs Enforcement (Ice) Agents Executed An Enforcement Action At The Luxurious Northern Virginia Resort.